Benefits Listed

Benefits Listed below may have specific meaning to you, as you consider using RTA Water Treatment.

Benefits Listed to identify what they individually may mean to you!

Benefits ListedWhat It Means To You
Regular service visits with comprehensive analysis of both the mechanical and chemical efficiency of your systemTo save you operational dollars with efficient chemical and mechanical use.
RTA representatives are on call 24 hours a day.To provide you emergency service visits when you need extra help.
Written reports to both operator and management, detailing current operating conditions and system needsto help you do a better job in system control
Laboratory analysis of liquid and solid samplesto provide details when more information is needed
Test Kits as needed; reagents at no eliminate the hassle and extra cost of purchase orders for small items.
Next day chemical delivery if requiredfor unforeseen circumstances, when you need a quick delivery
Point of service delivery can be to either special containers or barrelsto take the liability and labor load from you with a cost- effective no-extra-charge service.
Low freight charges due to company owned trucksto provide efficient delivery to save our costs so we can pass it on to you. Drum return is no charge.
Use up your former supplier’s existing chemicalsto help you limit your extra costs as much as possible.
Chemical treatment-training seminar for your personnelso your people can fine tune their water treatment knowledge skills for better results.
Material safety data sheets and product bulletinsto comply with the “Right to Know” Act and provide for safety of your people.
Guarantees of quality results and reasonable costsso you can run your system at optimum efficiency at a price you can afford.