Chemical Services

RTA water treatment specializes in the following Chemical Services:

Chemical Services focus on Solutions To Problems

Recognizes that mechanical equipment failure is responsible for many water treatment problems. Best solved by chemists with mechanical licenses.

Preventive Maintenance

Coupon Rack for Steel 20130903_090520

Coupon rack for evaluating corrosion rates

Emphasizes preventing water treatment problems, not just solving them.  This includes corrosion control testing using corrosion coupons.

Quality Water Treatment

Custom formulates boiler, cooling tower and special use products utilizing the best ingredients.


Delivers chemical directly to the point-of-use, even in out of the way places.

Chemical Feed

Designs and installs non-contact chemical feed and bleed systems, which can be remotely accessed from the maintenance person’s home, the plant maintenance office, or just from the boiler/mechanical room. Systems are designed according to the need of the customer, including in-expensive simple control up to more complete control systems.

Service at a Distance

Reduces cost by about 50%, with limited service, when purchasing on-line from outside the Michigan and Indiana service area. Specific details of your system will be requested for product application.

Dual Service

Provides dual service program with both reps familiar with your specific system and needs, and available for consultation and service.

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