Chemical Control Equipment

State Of The Art Equipment And Monitoring

Below you will find a flow chart showing the interaction of various types of equipment used in monitoring and controlling of chemical systems which are typically supplied by RTA:


Follow the arrows from the  top left.  A sensor measures and identifies a parameter.  This sensor could be also a water meter, which inputs number of gallons of makeup water to the system

The controller receives that input and gives an output to either operate a motor operated valve, or a pump, or some other equipment.

The controller receives instructions for settings changes from a laptop or other computer, or the operator inputs changes directly to the controller.

The computer generates logs and graphs from the data received from the controller, and prints what data is specified by the computer operator.

On the left bottom, the barrell sensor supplies chemical level data to the controller, which information may also be graphed.

flow chart for chemical control equipment monitoring and control

Equipment examples in a chemical feed and bleed system