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Tech Helps-CB boiler open fireside

C-B boiler open on fireside

Mechanical and Chemical Quality Backup Support Matters

RTA Provides Tech Helps services backed by nearly 80 years of individual experience of the principals of the company.  While the company no longer is employed in mechanical contracting and boiler installations, that experience provides extensive backup to the chemical services offered.  Company personnel still hold the licenses.  The company also has a chemist with phD available on retainer.

With Chemical Consultation Expect Double Service = Double Results

RTA offers the Double Service Program, where at least two chemical service personnel become familiar with your system. You get the combined experience of two service persons and the availability of each. Problems get solved quickly and efficiently. Service response time is reduced.

This dual service program assures you of proper attention to chemical control detail. Additional service visits are made upon request, or when the need is identified by company service personnel.

Consultation On Mechanical Technical Problems

Many RTA on-site representatives can provide your employees with consultation on burner operation, electrical operation, system operation, gasket requirements for summer, piping changes, preventative maintenance programs, and a multitude of mechanical items. Especially when these maintenance functions affect or are affected by the water treatment operation, the expertise of company representatives becomes helpful to the customer.

Qualified Second Opinion on Mechanical Concerns

RTA is also willing to provide a second, non-biased opinion to recommendations from other mechanical services suppliers. Typically water treatment companies do not have the detailed knowledge to offer this service.

Have questions about energy savings on mechanical systems?

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