Boiler Plant Energy Conservation

Boiler Plant Energy ConservationĀ 

Many of the following Boiler Plant Energy Conservation Measures have paybacks of less than one year. RTA Water Treatment has installed or advised customers of specific application benefits for most of the below energy conservation measures, many times having provided calculations or other specific data to quantify expected savings.

Please note that keeping the boiler tubes clean is many times a major savings of an effective water treatment program, as indicated below. Items in red below are especially addressed by RTA personnel.

Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)percent savings
Clean Boiler heat exchange surface (tubes)3-25%
Boiler fine tuning2-25%
Steam Trap replacement or repair1-15%
Condensate leak repair1-15%
Boiler blow down waste heat recovery1-5%
Stack gas waste heat recovery3-15%
Automatic blow down1-5%
Automatic oxygen trim controls3-4%
Automatic flue damper controls3-40%
Boiler make up air preheat2-3%
Addition of base load boiler10-40%
Treatment control for water treatment savings4-5%
Energy management system/microprocessor10-35%
Hot water heater controls and tuning5-25%
Stack draft modification equipment10-40%
Hot water heater (acid) cleaning5-25%
Decision to use alternative fuelup to 40%
Building make-up air reduction10-25%
Zone controls and control valves10-25%
Boiler alternation and use practices5-10%
Boiler outside air temperature setbacks3-5%
Boiler derating10-25%
Hot water heater stack reclaim5-15%