Cleaning Plate Type Heat Exchanger

The following procedure is recommended for cleaning plate type heat exchanger made of stainless steel:

Procedure for chemically cleaning plate type heat exchanger of stainless steel


1. Set up a 55 gal barrel ½ full of water, recirculation pump to pump into the heat exchanger, and return back from the heat exchanger to the barrel.

2. Add 10 # of RTA Powdered Delimer, or equivalent, to the barrel and mix to dissolve.

3. Start circulation to the heat exchanger with the pump.

4. Test the ph of the returning solution. It normally will not go lower than 3 or 4.

5. When the ph rises to about 6.5 to 7.0, add more Powdered Delimer.

6. Continue to add more delimer until the ph no longer rises for ½ to 1 hour from its low point when the Powdered Delimer is added.

7. Dispose of the solution in the barrel and in the system, and flush the system with water.

8. Refill the barrel with water, add ½ gal of RTA 1130, or Caustic Soda 50%, and recirculate for 15 minutes.

9. Drain and rinse the system with water by pumping water through the heat exchanger.