Custom Chemicals

What Makes Us Different???  We supply Custom Chemicals!

RTA Water Treatment formulates and blends Custom Chemicals for selective applications as needed by the customer.  Most companies do not want to be bothered with the formulation and production of custom chemicals.  RTA takes additional time in the coordination, planning, development, testing and control to do so. RTA feels that it is many times helpful to our customers. Though we already have available about 100 choices of products for boiler and cooling system applications, the option is always available.

Chemical is customer blended from these tanks.
Chemical mixing tanks with ingredients for custom chemicals

Note that every customer application is different; we frequently save on costs. The customer saves on price when we formulate exactly to a customer’s needs.

How we do it.

We may start either with a new formulation custom blended specifically for the you. Or we may modify an old formulation right at your location if adjustments prove to be helpful after we test of your systems.

Custom Chemicals in process of being blended
Customs Chemicals being blended


Whatever the case, you get the product that fits your application, utilizing the best ingredients available.


Why Custom Chemicals?

Not only do our customers sometimes prefer it, but also in many applications we can be especially cost-effective by selectively formulating a drum of chemical.  The savings can then be passed on to the customer.  It makes it easier for us to expect 20% or more cost savings as compared to our competitors.