Dual Testing

How We Solve Problems… Fast…With Dual Testing

With the Dual Testing Service Program at least two service personnel become familiar with your system. So RTA gives you the combined experience of two service persons, as well as the availability of each.  So if one service rep is unavailable for a specific situation or time, the second rep is likely to be available.  Thus RTA reduces service response time and solves problems both quickly and efficiently.

This double backup system further assures you of proper attention to detail.  RTA performs ongoing analysis of the mechanical and chemical efficiency of your systems.  RTA schedules service visits regularly as well as additional service visits when the need is identified by company service personnel. Therefore, emergency service visits are also provided as needed.  Your RTA representative is on call 24 hours per day.

        Laboratory Analysis

Dual testing allows RTA to be sure backup is there

Dual testing allows RTA to be sure backup is there

Laboratory analysis of liquid and solid samples is performed as needed.


RTA supplies written reports of field service tests  to both operators and management. Details of current operating conditions and system needs are a part of these reports.


Company personnel are available to give training seminars for your employees. RTA supplies Testing and training materials as needed. Visits to other facilities with similar needs may also be arranged.

Testing And Control Procedures Book



RTA provides a book on TESTING CONTROL containing sections on the following:

Overview of performing testing, chemical additions and blow down.

An overview of the need for water treatment as it applies to steam boilers, hot water boilers, cooling equipment, etc.

Testing procedures with checklists, evaluations of test results, and customized log sheets.

Adjusting chemical considering the effect of overblown or under blown conditions.

*TEST KITS are provided as needed.