Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to visit my boiler room for me to use your chemical effectively

In most cases, NO.  Our office contact service people have seen 1000s of boiler rooms and can typically respond appropriately with your description and/or with pictures.  We are glad to service you at a distance.

Can you chemically clean my boilers, cooling systems, or other equipment?

Yes. During the last 40 years, we have safely and effectively chemically cleaned hundreds and perhaps thousands of boilers and other types of equipment, making sure that there is no attack on any part of the system. Frequently the cleaning solution has an acid base. Preparation includes evaluation of metals in system, volume of system, identifying local codes and regulations for disposal of cleaning solution for each job, etc. We typically will not sell acid based chemicals for direct customer cleaning, but require that we supervise and perform the job to make sure that the “fine points” of acid cleaning are covered. We provide any licenses and insurance required for the job.

How quickly can you get a chemical shipment to me?

We will ship same day or next day after your order if you need it quickly. If we deliver using our company trucks you will receive it that day.

Do I need a water softener to have deposit free steam boilers?

No. But a water softener will take out the calcium which is typically the largest ingredient in scale. Nonetheless, applying the correct chemical can work to keep a boiler clean even without a water softener. And, of course, with limited makeup to the system less potential for deposit occurs.

Would I be able to call you for service day or night?

Yes.  We monitor our phones day and night.  If we are busy, leave a message or email us.  If there is an urgency, let us know in the message. Otherwise, we will be sure to get back with you within 24 hours.

Do You Supply Waste Treatment Chemicals?

RTA Water Treatment custom blends waste treatment chemicals, as well as chemicals for application to boilers and cooling systems.   Waste  treatment chemicals are designed individually for specific industrial applications.  Please contact us to visit your facility to evaluate the waste treatment need that you have.  After testing your waste and applying choices of chemical, we will provide competitive pricing.  To help us get started, please specify what type of waste you are treating.   Contact us

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