RTA provides Services for Boilers and Cooling Towers, Waste Treatment and Glycol Systems in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio

Chemical Services for Boilers and Cooling Towers are supported by the following:

Experience, Expertise And Service Matter

RTA supplies chemical and provides services for boilers and cooling towers, waste treatment and closed glycol systems for virtually all types of customers.  Equipment for treating those systems is also furnished to customers, installed, and serviced by the company.  The company has its own blending facility.

RTA Water Treatment Location,  Service Area,  and History

RTA Water Treatment is located in south central Michigan and services primarily the Michigan and Midwest markets. Formed in 1985 by Rod Teachout, RTA Water Treatment employs MBAs, degreed chemists and other technical people.

Service Capability Video  (6 Minutes)-

shows example of services for boilers and cooling towers


RTA Qualifications-

that Support Our Services for boilers and cooling towers

Personnel Degrees and Licenses 

Mechanical Field Experience

Chemical Field Experience

RTA chemically services Boilers and Cooling Towers

RTA Water Treatment chemically treats and provides services for boilers and cooling towers

Over 90% of RTA field experience over the years has traditionally been in the performance of typical testing and control of all cooling tower and boiler system chemicals and the troubleshooting of scale and corrosion problems in those systems, as well as microbiological problems in cooling systems. Added to this service, RTA has furnished, designed and installed sophisticated chemical feed and bleed equipment.  See Tech Help Services.

Chemical Blending Experience

RTA formulates its own chemical products, and provides services for boilers and cooling towers, consulting regularly person to person with PhD’s in chemistry. RTA has tested, tried and successfully developed a whole array of excellent products. Though sometimes RTA spends up to three times as much on quality polymers than what it could choose to spend, there is peace of mind knowing that the products will cover for unusual conditions or problems, even if chemical control is, for whatever reason, not as good as it could be. RTA cost savings comes from other ways that RTA does business.  See Custom Chemicals.

RTA WATER TREATMENT Applies This Experience

WE GET YOU WHAT YOU NEED in services for boilers and cooling towers