Boiler Acid Rinse

Company Experience-

RTA frequently performs the boiler acid rinse to replace the commonly called boiler acid cleaning.  The boiler acid rinse is a modification of a full boiler acid clean ( which guarantees 95% to 100% clean). In many applications, it has many advantages to a full acid clean.

Scale on the boiler tubes and in the bottom of the boiler identifies the need for a boiler acid rinse or a complete acid cleaning

Scale on tubes and bottom of boiler

These include the following:

Why Use A boiler Acid Rinse?

How Does Boiler Acid Rinse Work?

Tabulation Of Fuel Loss From Scale

Scale Thickness(in Inches)Coal Wasted Per Ton Fired(in Pounds)**Oil Wasted Per 1000 Gallon Burned (in Gallons)** Gas Wasted Per 100,000cf Burned (in cubic ft.)% Fuel Savings

*Based on table prepared by United States Bureau of Mines.
** Based the same percentage waste as when burning coal.
***Based extrapolation data

Note- acid cleanings or acid rinses are performed to produce savings in fuel as shown above, as well as protect the safety and integrity of the boiler.  See Boiler plant energy savings