Routine Turn-Key Agreement

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Get the RTA Turn-Key Agreement

In the Routine Turn-Key Agreement RTA agrees to perform most, if not all, functions for you in treating your boilers and cooling systems.

The following is a summary of services RTA performs as we start with you.

  1. We will make any product changes for you using RTA Water Treatment personnel.
  2. Use up all old products so that chemical is not wasted.
  3. Coordinate chemical replacements so that systems are protected..  And all without you or your people having to do anything.

Normal RTA Services in the RTA Turn-Key Agreement:

Deliver drums to point of use
Put treatment on line
Prime pumps, fix pumps & tubing
Keep your chemical feed areas clean
Install any new chemical control equipment
Calibrate and adjust controllers
Test, monitor, and adjust treatment
Attend equipment inspection
Be responsible for results

Choose RTA Visit Frequency-So RTA provides

Choose Your Level of Testing/Control-

You may choose to do no testing nor adjustments.  RTA does all testing and adjustments.
• Secondly, you only choose to mark the level of chemical on drums daily/weekly- So you do no operator  testing, but RTA monitors the chemical control system by evaluating for consistent use of treatment.
•  Thirdly,  you do limited testing using the RTA 3-minute test – This testing is quite accurate. You call RTA if you are outside of limits
•  Finally, you choose full control.  You continue with full testing and adjusting treatment as at present

The Following Services are part of the RTA Turn-Key Agreement

The above listed services are included with the purchase of chemicals for your systems as outlined in an authorized RTA Water Treatment proposal.

The Routine Turn-Key Agreement specifies in detail the responsibilities of RTA in controlling the chemical program
The Routine Turn-Key Agreement