Delivery to Point of Use

Delivery to point of use
Delivery to Point of use shown above

Delivery to point of use is our standard!

See example of delivery to point of use illustrated in the pictures to the right. The chemical injection drums are positioned on a mezzanine and in a basement. RTA puts the chemical anywhere that it is easiest for you to effectively pump into your systems.

Just tell us where to put your chemical!

Just about any place is possible! You name it! We can probably get it there!  We make delivery for your convenience.

To the right are example pictures of various places that we have installed and delivered our products to the customer’s facilities.

We Offer Delivery to the Point of Use:

Choose any type of container, even FREE 55 gal drums

No mixing is required.  See Benefits.  (Normally we pump directly from the drum to your cooling or boiler system.)

We design and install chemical feed systems, but

can provide more expensive containers as needed.

RTA also has available containment for all chemical drums/containers.

For customers serviced directly with company trucks, our people will deliver chemical to the point of use, rather than putting it on the receiving dock for your people to handle.