RTA Water Treatment

Started in 1985 and backed by over eighty years of individual experience of the principals of the company,   RTA Water Treatment provides technical services and chemicals for boiler and cooling systems.

Located in Athens, Michigan, the company formulates and blends its own chemical, and services directly to commercial, institutional, and industrial companies in Michigan and the Midwest, and including offering consulting services and chemicals for direct shipment nationwide through the Service At a Distance Program.

RTA Water Treatment employs degreed chemists, chemical engineers, accountants, MBA’s and mechanical personnel and maintains licenses for commercial biocide application, as well as mechanical contractor and boiler installer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to visit my boiler room for me to use your chemical effectively

In most cases, NO.  Our office contact service people have seen 1000s of boiler rooms and can typically respond appropriately with your ...

Can you chemically clean my boilers, cooling systems, or other equipment?

Yes. During the last 40 years, we have safely and effectively chemically cleaned hundreds and perhaps thousands of boilers and other types of ...

How quickly can you get a chemical shipment to me?

We will ship same day or next day after your order if you need it quickly. If we deliver using our company trucks you will receive it that day.

Do I need a water softener to have deposit free steam boilers?

No. But a water softener will take out the calcium which is typically the largest ingredient in scale. Nonetheless, applying the correct ...

Would I be able to call you for service day or night?

Yes.  We monitor our phones day and night.  If we are busy, leave a message or email us.  If there is an urgency, let us know in ...