Chemical provided to RTA customers include FDA compliant and/or NSF certified chemicals;

RTA also provides specialty chemicals which are developed and custom blended for specific applications.

RTA provides services and chemical to the following types of customers.


Hospitals– include high pressure boilers used for facility heat as well as for sterilizer operations. Additionally, hospitals have hot closed loops, cooling towers and chill water to provide building cooling

Marley Cooling Towers
Cooling towers are used to eliminate heat from the system

Medical Care Facilities – include low pressure boilers, hot water heat

Food Plants

Food Plants– include cooling towers, chill water, steam and hot water for food processing, NSF certified products

Dairies – include high pressure boilers and cooling towers used for milk production

Processing Plants

Industrial Box Plants– include high pressure process boiler producing steam for production of cardboard corrugated boxes.

Industrial Foam Plants- typically have boilers used to provide steam for expanding foam in operations.  They also have cooling towers to cool water in the vacuum system

Customers Chiller
Chillers are used when lower temperatures are required than can be achieved with tower water alone.

Automotive manufacturing plants-includes cooling systems with cooling towers and closed systems used in welding processes.

Industrial Pickling Operations-  includes low pressure production boilers to heat various types of tanks used in the pickling process, typically with high makeup water use.

Injection Molding Plants- includes high pressure steam used for heating molds for plastic injection molding and cooling towers

Industrial Heat Treat- boilers used to provide steam for heat treating operations

Ice Arenas-boilers used for facility heat and cooling towers for making ice.

Heating/Cooling Applications

Governmental Complexes– include numerous buildings with varying sources of heat and cooling equipment.  These building frequently have more modern over 90% efficiency boilers and including glycol and non glycol systems

Large Building Facilities- includes boilers and cooling towers, closed systems for space heating.

Customers Boilers
Cleaver-Brooks boilers supplying building heat

Colleges- includes numerous buildings with chilled water with glycol, hot water systems, steam systems and condensate depending on the equipment in each building

Schools and Small Government Housing-includes a varying number of elementary, middle schools, and high schools requiring competent attention for those who have less knowledge in treating systems- chemicals for steam boilers, hot water boilers, hot water circulating systems, cooling towers, and chill water

Waste Treatment

Plants requiring waste treatment-conditioning of various types of waste including ink from box plant effluent

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