Boiler Boilout

Instructions for Boiler Boilout

After a new boiler is installed, it is frequently recommended by the manufacturer that it be cleaned using a boiler boilout procedure similar to the following:

  1. Open manhole on top of boiler
  2. Pump in specified amount of chemical.
  3. Operate boiler to slightly simmer (begins to boil), turn off boiler and keep it near boiling for at least 8 hours.
  4. Boiler is allowed to set overnight, cooled as necessary, and drained and washed out thoroughly the next morning.
  5. Boiler can then be filled with water and chemical for operation.  Add startup chemicals to the boiler as it is filled (so that the chemical can mix as more water is put in).
  6. The boiler can now be operated.  It is best to operate boiler at least for an hour or so to drive off the oxygen as soon as possible after filling.
  7. It is sometimes best to dump the condensate for 2-3 full days as a new boiler is  put on line.