What acid cleaning solution?

RTA has safely and effectively chemically cleaned thousands of boilers and other types of equipment. RTA frequently uses a cleaning solution that has an acid base See Boiler Acid Cleaning procedure. So first we determine the individual identity of all materials in the system. Based upon this information RTA chooses the proper cleaning solution, since that cleaning solution will be in contact with those materials. RTA follows Local codes and regulations in the choice and disposal of the cleaning solution. See acid cleaning questions to specify materials in a system that you propose to clean.

Note- RTA typically does not sell acid-based chemicals for direct unsupervised customer cleaning. We require that our people supervise the cleaning to be able to most effectively follow safe and proper procedures. We also provide any licenses and insurance required for the cleaning.

The Boiler Acid Rinse is an alternative to a complete 95% clean guaranteed acid cleaning. This approach normally includes limited use of acid. So it is potentially less aggressive to the boiler.

A piece of scale is loosely attached to the tube in the picture below. Such loose pieces are sent to drain during the rinsing of the boiler. Also, note the black magnetic iron oxide on the tube sheet. This is a corrosion product of previous attack of oxygen on the steel of the boiler. It is frequently not desirable to try to clean this corrosion product.

Boiler tubes after draining the acid cleaning solution. The color changes to normal after the boiler is neutralized